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Greenstar Juicer Comparison Chart

So you have decided on a Greenstar Juicer.  And why not. Tribest Greenstar Slow Juicers are one of the best cold press juicers on the market. Here are just some of the reasons to purchase from Greenstar, a.k.a. Tribest.

  • Greenstar Juicers are designed in California by Tribest.
  • Tribest has been leading the health and wellness business for over 30 years, since 1988.
  • Greenstar Juicers are Korean made using only high-quality components.
  • Greenstar Juicers design their masticating system on the human teeth, perfectly mimicking the way that human teeth break down food.
  • Greenstar Juicers use durable stainless steel gears with a patented bio-ceramic core to prolong the shelf life of the juice.
  • Greenstar Juicers have a 5-year warranty, the longest warranty in its class.

Which Greenstar Twin Gear Juicer to Buy?

Greenstar Pro Commercial Juicer

If you are intending to use your juicer in a commercial kitchen, then definitely go for the Greenstar Pro Commercial Twin Gear Masticating Juicer. This juicer is commercially certified, so you can be confident that you have made the right choice for the best commercial juicer.

There are 2 main differences between the Greenstar Pro juicer and the less expensive juicers. The Greenstar Pro is 0.6 kg heavier than the Greenstar Elite juicers, which reflects the heavier build for the commercial environment. This juicer is overall more durable.

The Greenstar Pro juicer also comes with a tamper holder built right into the juicer body. This will make life easier and more convenient when working with high volumes of fruit in a commercial kitchen.

Greenstar Elite Chrome Juicer

If you are looking for the classiest looking juicer in the range, the Greenstar Elite Chrome Twin Gear Juicer is the one for you. It has the same overall specifications as the cheaper black and white Elite twin gear juicers, but the casing is in a stunning chrome finish. This juicer will be right at home in your ultra-modern kitchen, making a statement of beauty and style.

Greenstar Elite Black or White Juicer

The Greenstar Elite Black or Greenstar Elite White juicer are the cheapest in the range. But don't be fooled, these twin gear juicers are every bit as capable as the Greenstar Chrome juicer, with exactly the same specifications. This is the best value juicer in the range and will look at home in any kitchen.

Greenstar Juicer comparison Chart

Here is the super handy comparison chart to help you decide which Greenstar Twin Gear Juicer to buy.

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