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Warranty Vitamix


All Our Vitamix Blenders are covered by a 5-10 year Household Warranty by Vitamix Australia. This is amazing piece of mind, so you'll be glad you purchased a quality Vitamix Blender.

For Vitamix Warranty & Repairs please contact your Vitamix Australia contact on 1800 595 424 or

You can also contact Fackelmann Australia (the Australian household Vitamix importers) on 1800 709 714 or

The Vitamix manufacturer's warranty is in addition to standard statutory consumer rights and complies with return, repairs and replacement policies that are consistent with Australian Consumer Laws. You may visit the ACCC website at for additional information on your consumer rights.


Registering your product will enable Vitamix to retrieve your details much more quickly and making the process as efficient as possible for you.

To register your new Vitamix product for warranty, CLICK THIS LINK.




Vitamix Warranty Australia - Vitamix australia contact

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