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What's So Good About Torus Juicers?

What's So Good About Torus Juicers?

  • The first Torus machines came to Australia in 2015.
  • The Torus mission statement is to supply the highest quality juicers at the best price.
  • Torus Juicers are only sold online, eliminating hefty price hikes from middlemen.
  • Since 2015, Torus has tested the best slow juicing machines available and are proud to introduce the top picks from the most established slow juicer manufacturers under the Torus brand.
  • Rather than offering a confusing array of juicers, Torus has selected a single flagship juicer that combine performance, durability, choice of affordability, and professional juice quality to suit the needs of every kind of user.
  • Torus Juicers are continually evolving. The top of the line Torus 5500 juicer was in the third generation of improvements, featuring a new improved auger, more ergonomic bigmouth hopper system and a more powerful motor. The newer Torus Echo has a new improved twin auger design for to give you even more juice and easier cleaning.

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