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Why Cold Press Juicing?

What's So Good About Cold Press Juicing?

Highest Nutrition - Low speed prevents heat buildup and minimises juice oxidation—the low speed results in the highest quality juice with maximum nutrients and natural enzymes.

Immune System Boost - Maximum nutrients help to heal, cleanse and detox your body, boosting your overall health. And the abundance of natural enzymes will energise and boost your immune system.

Increased Energy Levels - Cold-pressed juice gives you potent and instant effects, giving you an immediate energy kick after drinking it.

Easy to Digest - The fibrous pulp is removed from the fruit and vegetables, and the digestive system does not need to break down the fibre. Thus your body uses less energy to digest the juice.

Better Tasting - Sweeter juice due to low friction. It looks better too!

Quiet - Slower operating speeds mean quieter juicing.

Maximum Shelf Life of Juice - Up to 72 hours in the refrigerator.








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