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Alkaline Cook Book by Dr. Annie Guillet

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    Why Buy From Just Juicers

    Alkaline your Body the FAST and Easy Way, with Dr. Annie Guillet’s Step by Step-by-Step Alkaline CookBook

    Revitalize your body in just 4 weeks to 100% optimal health. Discover the “Secret” high energy people use to create mouth-watering foods and munchies that clear your skin, explode your energy levels and make you feel terrific from the inside out.

    The Alkaline Cook Book is Crammed with easy-to-whip-up PH-friendly Alkaline Food Recipes to help you unlock unlimited energy, sharp mental concentration, and radiant good health. So if your are ready to discover life the way you deserve to live to add this product to your cart now!

    Inside the Alkaline Cook Book, you will also learn:

    • A complete 4-WEEK PLANNER that covers your breakfast, lunch, dinner, juices, and snacks to re-balance your body
    • 29 MUST-HAVE herbs, veggies, fruits, and other goodies every serious alkaline kitchen needs to have at all times to keep you focused
    • 2 proven ways to help you determine which foods alkalize your body and which make it toxic and acidic


    About the Author

    Hello my name is Dr. Annie Guillet and I am the author of the Alkaline Cookbook my dream is to have as many people as possible going toward OPTIMAL HEALTH

    I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada with my Mum, Dad, and two Brothers. I was always a sporty child so it was only natural to have developed a love for athletics.

    I participated in many sports such as track and field, javelin, teaching swimming, and lifeguarding, where at the age of 15 I competed at the National and Pan-American level. I moved to Georgia, USA when I was offered a full scholarship to be part of the Women's Athletics Team.

    From there I was competing in javelin throwing in both the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) across the United States, earning me the title of MVP on the Women's Athletics Team at Life University.!

    I also decided to pursue a scholarship where I completed a 7-year degree to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

    Back in chiropractic school at Life University, GA, I did a full-time intensive school schedule, track and field training for more than 35 hours a week, and also had to internship at a chiropractic clinic outside of school. I did manage to complete a Bachelor of Sciences and accredited myself with the AMERICAN National Board, Canadian Board and Quebec Board as well.

    I did decide to go work an additional 2 years in California, where I had to get extra credits to perfect my doctorate for more medical practitioner skills as that state requires it. In the USA, the Doctorate of Chiropractic is equivalent to? a medical practitioner degree in credits; where we do more radiology and nervous system study, the MD has a lot more pharmacology classes; In the USA, Chiropractors are seen as a primary care doctor.

    Before moving to Australia where I have opened my own. Since in Australia, I have completed several seminars to upgrade my skills and my certifications and became an accredited live blood analysis practitioner. This gives me the opportunity to see live on the screen how healthy people really are.

    I have had a successful clinic in Melbourne for the last 4 years. Living in Melbourne gave me the chance to participate in Body sculpting and learn to appreciate my body even more. I have won first and overall in WFF Body figure in May 2008 as well as winning the southern hemisphere in North Queensland 2008 where I was sponsored by ASN. I did qualify for the universe title in Germany and grab the overall title as well.

    Because I have practiced in different cities and traveled and lived around the world, I know more about people?s lifestyle and I know that this book will change many lives. This is also true for athletes, pregnant mothers, babies and the common bloque!

    To be honest, the transition between countries was not as easy as getting used to new surroundings, different cultures, having no friends or family around was definitely hard.

    However, coming from a French Canadian background, little did I know that the language was to become my biggest challenge!

    The health mindset is very different from one part of the world to the other. As I updated my skills through a seminar in each country -as they all have their own accreditation process- I took a challenge that did change my life forever!

    It was during a professional development seminar that I came across a whole new distinction. I participated in the Unleash the Power Within, Sydney with Anthony Robbins. That weekend really changed my world!

    What grabbed my attention that weekend was a discussion about health, cell energy, and rejuvenation.

    A breakthrough in the health field.

    The discussion highlighted how most foods eaten by people today are a detriment to their health, energy, and vitality. No shocking news so far? I first thought! However, it was shown with shocking pictures and reality facts how certain foods are eroding your health one meal at the time?. That's when my brain ticked to this brilliant health concept.

    You might have heard about body alkalinity or an acid /alkaline diet. THE ALKALINE COOKBOOK is not the common kind of cookbook.

    Since I love new challenges and my biggest around the planet, I decided to write this cookbook. I had never written a book before and let me tell you it is a lot more adventurous then I thought it would be! After long hours of research to find more data, editors, photographers, chefs, printers, etc. Here it is.

    And I am very proud of it!! There is nothing like it on the market. That alkaline cookbook is a beautiful picture full book with easy to read step by step recipes that will cover your entire day.

    And it is my gift to you and your chance to revive your body and live the life you deserve!

    I see it in my office every day!

    Dr. Annie Guillet DC


    • Number of Pages: 164
    • Weight: 0.5 kg
    • Size: L 22cm x H 22 cm
    • Format: Hardback
    • Year of Publication: 2010


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