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BioChef Savana 12 Tray - Black-Dehydrator-Just Juicers
BioChef Savana 12 Tray - Black-Dehydrator-Just Juicers
BioChef Savana 12 Tray - Black-Dehydrator-Just Juicers
BioChef Savana 12 Tray - Black-Dehydrator-Just Juicers
BioChef Savana 12 Tray - Black-Dehydrator-Just Juicers
BioChef Savana 12 Tray - Black-Dehydrator-Just Juicers
BioChef Savana 12 Tray - Black-Dehydrator-Just Juicers
BioChef Savana 12 Tray - Black-Dehydrator-Just Juicers
BioChef Savana 12 Tray - Black-Dehydrator-Just Juicers
BioChef Savana 12 Tray - Black-Dehydrator-Just Juicers
BioChef Savana 12 Tray - Black-Dehydrator-Just Juicers

BioChef Savana 12 Tray - Black

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    Why Buy From Just Juicers

    Food Dehydrator BioChef Savana 12 Tray - Black

    Create healthy, raw and preservative free snacks, treats, jerky, bread alternatives and more from living foods using the BioChef Savana Food Dehydrator.

    Featuring removable stainless steel drying trays, dual fan technology, a two-stage sequential temperature-timer, included accessories and a 3-year warranty - the BioChef Savana Dehydrator creates delicious, precision dried foods in less time with less effort!

     Food Dehydrator

    Things You'll Love About the BioChef Savana 12 Tray Dehydrator

    Two-Stage Sequential Temperature Timer - Prevents unwanted moisture from entering the food.

    'Fast' and 'Regular' Drying Modes - Adjust to suit your needs.

    Dual Fan Technology - Use together or run 1 fan for smaller batches.

    High Quality 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Trays - Superior quality, chemical-free drying.

    BPA Free Casing - 100% safe.

    Transparent Glass Opening Door - Watch your food as it dries without opening the door.

    User-Friendly Control Panel - Simple to operate and user-friendly.

    Option to purchase with 6, 9 or 12 Trays - Sized to suit any kitchen.

    Accessories Included - 4 x Non-Stick Sheets and 4 x Fine Mesh Sheets.

    Long Warranty - 3 Year Warranty.

    Dehydrator Comparison Chart

    To compare the full BioChef dehydrator range, click on this handy BioChef Dehydrator Comparison Chart.

    Food Dehydrator


    Innovative Dual Fan Technology

    The BioChef Savana Dehydrator features dual fan technology that can operate independently or simultaneously.

    The BioChef Savana Dehydrator allows you to use two individual fan sets, each is made up of a 500-Watt fan, heating coil, and heating sensor.

    This technology offers quiet operation and horizontal airflow for perfectly even drying every time! With the option to use only one fan set at a time you can create smaller batches of your dehydrated foods with energy-saving results.

    Fast and Regular Drying Modes

    'Fast' and 'Regular' drying modes to easily adjust the temperature to kickstart the dehydration process.

    With the advanced BioChef Savana Dehydrator, you can select the Fast mode or Regular mode to suit your needs or follow the recommended drying times explained in your included instruction manual.

    Food Dehydrator

    TST (Two-Stage Sequential Temperature Timer)

    Two-Stage Sequential Temperature Timer will automatically activate the Warm mode. This keeps your food in an optimum dehydrated state while preventing any moisture from entering the food once the drying process is complete.

    Modes and TST Working Together

    Fast Mode - Uses both fan sets to set a default temperature of 70 °c and default drying time of 2 hours. This mode is particularly beneficial for foods with higher water content to avoid fermentation.

    Regular Mode - Uses one fan set to set a default temperature of 50 °c and default drying time of 10 hours. It allows the convenience of using fewer trays and less energy!

    Warm Mode - The Warm mode automatically starts once either the Fast or Regular mode is complete. The unique Warm drying setting will maintain a low temperature of 35 °c until the unit is turned off.

    Simply load your trays with your raw foods, set your desired drying mode and come back to high-quality results, every time!

    Food Dehydrator

    Stainless Steel Drying Trays

    The BioChef Savana Dehydrators feature Stainless Steel drying trays for superior quality, chemical-free drying.

    The BioChef Savana Dehydrator high quality 304 stainless steel trays are removable which allows you to add or remove trays according to your drying needs. Removing some of these trays will allow more space when proving dough and making yogurt.

    Food Dehydrator

    Dishwasher Safe

    The trays are completely dishwasher-safe and stainless steel is non-reactive so can handle acidic foods like tomatoes or citrus without a problem. Using stainless steel drying trays ensures your food does not come in to contact with any harmful, BPA leaching materials.

    Included Accessories

     Accessories included with the BioChef Savana Dehydrator 12 Tray Dehydrator...

    • 12 x High-quality Stainless Steel Drying Trays
    • 4 x Non-Stick Sheets - for making fruit leathers, bread alternatives, crackers or drying any moist/wet ingredients
    • 4 x Fine Mesh Sheets - for drying any smaller produce like grapes, blueberries, nuts, etc
    • Instruction Manual

    Food Dehydrator

    What Can You Make with the BioChef Savana 12 Tray Food Dehydrator?

    Use your dehydrator to make healthy alternatives to store-bought goods. Below are just a few of the things you can make with a food dehydrator...

    Dehydrated Fruit Roll-Ups - These are a winner with the kids! Simply blend fruit (and even some yogurt) dehydrate and roll-up. It’s the perfect lunchbox snack.

    Dried Herbs and fruits such as grapes, blueberries, strawberries, mangoes, bananas, pineapple, and kiwi fruit.

    Healthy Vegetable Chips - Make crispy chips from beetroot, carrot, parsnip and sweet potato with no oil

    Jerky - Experiment with different varieties: beef, lamb, fish, and poultry with preservative-free, fresh marinades and spices.

    Healthy Bread Alternatives - Such as flax seed bread, pizza bases, and crackers.

    Healthy Granola - Trail mixes and activated nuts and seeds.

    Healthy Dog and Animal Treats - Without preservatives

    Food Dehydrator



    • Brand: BioChef
    • Model: BCSA12
    • Colors Available: Black

    Extra Features

    • Certified: CE (EMC/LVD), GS, CETL PAH
    • Materials: Stainless Steel Trays, BPA Free PP Outer/Inner Casing
    • Two-Stage Sequential Temperature Timer (TST-99hr)
    • Temperature Range: 35º - 70º C
    • Compatible Foods: Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Herbs, Flowers, Yoghurt, Dough, and Clay art
    • Optional Extras: BioChef Non-Stick Sheet & Fine Mesh Sheet
    • Programs Fast Mode, Regular Mode, and Warm Mode
    • Safe Stainless steel trays are dishwasher safe
    • Non-stick and mesh sheets are not dishwasher safe
    • Noise Level: 50-65 Decibels

    Motor / Heating Element

    • Power: 1,000 Watts total
    • Motors - 500 Watt Motor x 2
    • Voltage 220-240 V
    • Frequency 50 Hz

    Included Accessories

    • 12 x Stainless Steel Trays
    • 4 x Non-Stick Sheet
    • 4 x Fine Mesh Sheets

    Dimensions and Weight

    • Product Weight: 14.08 kg
    • Shipping Weight: 15.7 kg
    • Tray Size: L 39cm x W 34.5cm
    • Product Dimensions: L 51 cm x W 40 cm x H 34.5 cm
    • Shipping Dimensions: L 57 cm x W 45 cm x H 40 cm

        Manufacturer & Warranty:

        • Country of Manufacture: China
        • Domestic Warranty: 3 Years

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        Customer Reviews

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        Linda Scott

        I have had excellent result using my Bio Chef Dehydrator . I use the Bio Chef to dry fruit for my handmade Chocolates , fudge , Nougat ….. Veg chips


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