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Green Power KP-E1304S Twin Gear Juice Extractor + green power juice extractor
green power juicer + green power juice extractor + green power juice extractor
Green Power KP-E1304S Twin Gear Juice Extractor + greenpower juicer + green power juice
Green Power KP-E1304S Twin Gear Juicerpower juicer + juice extractor
Green Power KP-E1304S Twin Gear Juicerfruit extractor + juice power

Green Power KP-E1304S Twin Gear Juicer

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    Why Buy From Just Juicers

    Green Power - The Economical Twin Gear Juice Extractor

    The KP-E1304S Twin Gear Juicer comes with FREE SHIPPING in Australia. This juicer is perfect for fruit, vegetables, wheatgrass, and barley grass. With a clean twin-gear system and multi-purpose functions, this juicer is one of the most versatile on the market. 

    Greenpower is the original juicer manufacturer, developing the world's first slow juice extractor equipped with twin gears since 1988. Manufactured in South Korea, the KP-E1304S was the Number 1 recommended juicer on Amazon and Wiki USA in 2017.

    What You'll Love About This Greenpower Juicer

    The Original Twin Gear System - In 1988 Greenpower developed the original twin-gear slow-speed juicer in the world.

    Exclusive Clean Gear System - The exclusive clean gear system ensures that no harmful plastic or metallic materials make it into the juice.

    Produces "Living Juice" - Living Juice absorbs nutrients into the body 4 times more than eating vegetables.

    Juice keeps for 72 hours - "Living Juice" stays fresh for up to 72 hours.

    Ultra-quiet - Greenpower juicers operate at less than 60 dBA.

    Wheatgrass Friendly - Higher yields for Wheatgrass juicing.

    Easy to Clean - This juicer is designed for easy cleaning with minimal parts to clean.

    Long Warranty - Five years warranty for motor, two years for other parts.



    Greenpower twin gear juicers do not cause environmental pollution. This is achieved in three ways:

    1. Mechanical Environment

    The clean gears in Green Power twin-gear juicers do not produce any iron or plastic dust. The juice extractor clean gears also separate agricultural chemicals and heavy metals to produce fresher and cleaner juice.

    2. Juice Environment

    The slow speed of the Green Power twin-gear juicer creates fresh ion-filled juice. The nutritional value of the juice is not damaged during the extraction process.

    The Green Power twin gear juice extractor comes complete with a fresh juice cup made with a special 4,200 Gauss Neodymium magnet and bio-ceramic panel. These extra features allow the extracted juice to keep for up to 72 hours. It also creates hexagonal-ion fresh juice to increase nutrient absorption into the body.

    3. Natural Environment

    60 decibels is quiet enough to operate in a room with a sleeping baby. That is how quietly the super-precise motor and gearbox run. The Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) resistance device means the TV will not suffer interference while the juice extractor is operating.

    And every part of this juice extractor is made of recyclable new materials.


    The Greenpower Juicer extracts iron and plastic dust-free living vegetable juice and fruit juice.

    This twin-gear juice extractor does not damage the nutrients of the fruit/vegetables during the extraction process. That is because of the three steps of mashing, crushing, and squeezing technology, which also separates agricultural chemicals and heavy metals.

    Because the stainless steel twin gears have a 0.1mm gap between the gears, they do not generate iron and plastic dust.

    And Greenpower is the only juice extractor with neodymium magnet and bioceramics in the gears and fresh juice bowl. Storage of juice is possible for up to 72 hours in the refrigerator.


    The KP-E1304S twin-gear juice extractor is small, and the design is simple. And the KP-E1304S twin-gear juicer is easy to use. Best of all, it's easy to clean.


    The Pulp Discharging Knob can be adjusted depending on the characteristics of the juicing materials. Juice extraction is, therefore, more efficient.


    This juicer not only extracts juice from fruit and vegetables. It is also useful for grinding various ingredients for use in a variety of kitchen recipes. Various screens can be applied to the KP-E1304S to make this easy.


    Greenpower juice extractors come equipped with an electronic overheating thermostat for peace of mind. The thermostat detects overheating of the motor due to excessive use and prevents the danger of potential motor burnout.


    The multi-purpose gear set is perfect for making pomegranate juice. It can also extract all juices possible with a twin-gear juicer. The versatile gear multi-purpose gear set can also make pasta and noodles.


    • Vegetable juices
    • Excellent juicer for celery
    • Fruit juices
    • Soya milk, soft tofu, and tofu
    • Fruit ice cream and sherbert
    • Burger, fish balls, rice cake
    • Pasta and noodles (with optional multi-purpose gear set)
    • Wheatgrass and pomegranate juice(with optional multi-purpose gear set)



    • Model: Green Power KP-E1304S
    • Extraction Type: Twin Gear
    • Colors Available: White
    • Materials: Stainless steel, neodymium magnet, bio-ceramics
    • Extra Features: Pulp discharging knob, electronic overheating thermostat, Electromagnetic Interference resistance device.
    • Compatible Foods: Soft & Hard Fruits & Vegetables, Wheatgrass, Leafy Greens


    • Motor Speed: 160 RPM (less when loaded)
    • Motor Power: 200 Watts


    • Vegetable/fruit/crush screen
    • Vegetable/fruit cap
    • Outlet part
    • Wooden pusher
    • Plastic pusher
    • Cleaning brush
    • Fresh juice bowl (cup)
    • Pulp container


    • Multi-purpose gear set (best for Pomegranate)
    • Screen set
    • Nozzle set
    • Outlet set



    • Product Weight 6.8 kg
    • Shipping Weight 10.2 kg
    • Product Dimensions: 19 cm x 41 cm x 28 cm (L x W x H)
    • Shipping Dimensions: 25 cm x 47 cm x 36 cm (L x W x H)


    • Easy to use for beginners.
    • Twin Gear Juicers are the best choice for serious juicer enthusiasts.
    • Twin Gears produce the highest yields of juice, 10% more than single auger horizontal juicers.
    • These are the perfect choice for leafy greens, wheatgrass, and all juicing recipes.
    • Juice quality is superior, with maximum nutritional value.
    • Juice will keep for longer in your refrigerator than with other juicers.
    • Quiet operation.
    • Twin Gear Juicers are usually the most reliable and durable of all juicer types, manufactured in Korea or the USA with extended warranties.

    When is a Twin Gear Juice Extractor Unsuitable?

    • Twin Gear Juicers are the most expensive of all juicers. You will need to spend more upfront, although you can recoup this long-term with higher yields.
    • Twin Gear Juicers may be larger, heavier machines that may not be suitable for smaller kitchen spaces.




    Green Power KP-E1304S Twin Gear Juicer twin gears - green power juicer + green power juice extractor + greenpower juicer



    Green Power KP-E1304S Twin Gear Juicer fruit - green power juice extractor + greenpower juicer + green power juice



    Greenpower KP-E1304S best wheatgrass juicer - greenpower juicer + green power juice + power juicer



    Green Power KP-E1304S Twin Gear Juicer side + green power juice + power juicer + juice extractor



    Greenpower twin gear juicer authorised dealer + power juicer + juice extractor + fruit extractor

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews


    Kerrie Wood
    Green Power juicer

    This juicer arrived quickly and I could track it. It was 50% off and is easy to dismantle and clean. The juice is tasty. Very happy with it

    Jovy Mapanao
    Prompt Delivery

    The quickest delivery I had.

    Peter Thomson


    Jeff Boot

    Great juicer had 4 of them over many years


    Ask a Question
    • Which nozzle is included with the juicer?

      Both white and red adjustment nozzle are included as standard.
      The White Juicer Adjuster Knob has a harder spring, suitable for juicing vegetables.
      The Red Juicer Adjuster Knob is suitable for wheatgrass and soft fruits.

    • Hi, I am interested in the Green Power KP-E1304S Twin Gear Juicer. Please advise as soon as convenient what is the warranty period, and would spare parts be readily available in the future? Thanks and regards, Cora

      Hi, the Greenpower KPE1304S warranty is 5 years on motor and 2 years on parts. As far a spare parts go, we stock replacement gears, red & white adjustment knobs and cleaning brushes. All other warranty parts would be provided by the manufacturer if required.

    • Hi I have the GPT-1303 GREEN POWER KEMPO, and I lost the end nozzle at end to adjust the palp coming from. Would please let me if have the spare part, and how much. Thank you Regards Nancy Paull

      Hi, Yes we sell the end nozzles.
      The White Juicer Adjuster Knob has a harder spring, suitable for juicing vegetables:
      The Red Juicer Adjuster Knob is suitable for wheatgrass and soft fruits.:
      Regards, Ramon

    • We have a GPT-E1303 for some years, I think the twin gears are worn. Where can I buy a replacement pair?

      Hi, Great news, our supplier says "twin gears between GPT-E1303 and KP-E1304 are the same." These replacement gears are now listed in our accessory section.

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