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Juicer - Hurom H34 'One Stop' Cold Press Juicer Midnight Blue
Juicer - Hurom H34 'One Stop' Cold Press Juicer Midnight Blue
Juicer - Hurom H34 'One Stop' Cold Press Juicer Midnight Blue
Juicer - Hurom H34 'One Stop' Cold Press Juicer Midnight Blue
Juicer - Hurom H34 'One Stop' Cold Press Juicer Midnight Blue

Hurom H34 'One Stop' Cold Press Juicer Midnight Blue

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    Why Buy From Just Juicers

    The Hurom H34 One Stop is an exciting new slow press juicer with innovative new features. With a fully integrated vertical design, the Hurom H34 gives you a 'Chop, Drop and Lock' juicing experience to complement your busy lifestyle.

    After chopping you can place your ingredients directly into the juicer. You don't need to add then piece by piece like with other slow juicers. And the pulp is expelled directly into the built-in pulp container in the base of the juicer.

    The H34’s pioneering design specifications coupled with its sleek lines and monotone colour scheme ensures that it complements the very latest in kitchen aesthetics. The H34’s advanced functionality is guaranteed to produce the smoothest juice, highest possible yield in the shortest preparation time.

      What You'll Love About the Hurom H26

      • New 2018 Release - An exciting new addition to the Hurom range.
      • Easy to Use - Simply place your food in the smart hopper and turn the dial to make juice.
      • Modern Design - Monotone colours and sleek design to blend in with any kitchen.
      • Reduced Preparation Time - The Smart Feed Hopper allows you to place produce straight into the chamber.
      • Convenient assembly/disassembly - Designed with convenience in mind to assist with easy cleaning.
      • Easy Cleaning - Uncomplicated machine structure to help remove pulp easily.
      • Built-in waste container- Pulp container is built into the base of the juicer.
      • Tilted Drum - Reduces wastage and eliminates manual tilting.
      • Slow Speed - The twin wing auger operates at just 60 rpm to enrich the taste of your juice.
      • 23 rpm Spinning Brush - Mixes the juice in the bowl.
      • Safety Sensor - Ensures the hopper lid, hopper and chamber are correctly assembled prior to operation.
      • Power Jog Dial - Located on the front for easy operation.
      • Transparent Feed Hopper - Easily see what's entering the juicer.
      • High Yield - Sophisticated design produces the highest volumes of juice.
      • 2 Strainers in the Box - Fine and Coarse strainers.
      • Made in Korea - Korean manufacture using only quality components.
      • 10-year warranty - Market leading warranty on the motor.




      Feed Chamber: automatically inserts prepared ingredients into the chamber. A mixing bar rotates and trims ingredients via two S-blades that break the stack of ingredients whilst pushing them downwards.

      A C-blade trims ingredients and sweeps the bottom of the chamber for gradual insertion. Two openings at the base of the chamber are slightly tilted to enable the smooth transition of ingredients from the chamber to the drum.

      Vertically Connected Process: From the Smart Hopper to the Screw, to the Pulp Container. True vertical connectivity for 'One Stop' juicing.

      Built-in Pulp Container: pulp is now expelled into a built-in, neatly aligned container fitted into the base of the machine.

      Tilted Drum: a 3 degree tilted bottom at the base of the drum enables the collection of every last drop of juice during extraction. No manual tilting is required.

      Customised Juice Extraction Guide: is provided to help assist with the correct amount of ingredients for the capacity of the chamber.

      Embedded Safety Sensor: the H34 ‘One Stop’ will only operate when the lid is completely closed promoting a safer juicing experience.

      Power Jog Dial: located on the front of the H34 for increased visibility and convenience of use.

      Stainless Steel Juice Cap: designed with a 90-degree tilt for ease of opening.

      Convenient Assembly / Disassembly & Easier Cleaning: Hurom’s new innovative design enables improved assembly/disassembly. Furthermore, the structure of the lower section of the machine has been simplified in order to prevent pulp build up and enabling ease of cleaning. The chamber’s completely detachable middle gear also allows for more thorough cleaning.




      • Model: Hurom H34 'One Stop'
      • Extraction Type: Vertical Cold Press
      • Colour: Midnight Blue
      • Materials: BPA Free Drum

      Extra Features

      • Alpha Drum
      • Dual Feed Hopper (for nut milk and drop feed)
      • Pulp Lever
      • Juice Cap
      • Safety Sensor
      • Self Cleaning
      • 2000 ml feed chamber
      • 500 ml juicing drum
      • 1000 ml pulp jug


        • Motor Speed: 60 RPM

        Included Accessories

        • Fine Strainer
        • Coarse Strainer
        • Juice Cup
        • Pulp Cup
        • 2 Cleaning Brushes
        • Recipe Book
        • User Manual

          Manufacturer & Warranty

          • Country of Manufacture: South Korea
          • 10 Years (motor)
          • 2 Years (remaining parts)

          Hurom H34 'One Stop' Cold Press Juicer Midnight Blue with jug

          What's So Good About Cold Press Juicing?

          • Highest Nutrition - Low speed prevents heat buildup and minimises juice oxidation. This results in the highest quality juice with maximum nutrients and natural enzymes.

            Immune System Boost - Maximum nutrients help to heal, cleanse and detox your body, boosting your overall health. And the abundance of natural enzymes will energise and boost your immune system.

            Increased Energy Levels - Cold-pressed juice gives you potent and instant effects, giving you an immediate energy kick after drinking it.

            Easy to Digest - The fibrous pulp is removed from the fruit and vegetables, and the digestive system does not need to break down the fibre. This means your body uses less energy to digest the juice.

            Better Tasting - Sweeter juice due to low friction. It looks better too!

            Quiet - Slower operating speeds mean quieter juicing.

            Maximum Shelf Life of Juice - Up to 72 hours in the refrigerator.


            Why Buy a Vertical Cold Press Juicer?
          • Great juicer for beginners. 
          • Straightforward to use. Fruit and vegetables fall through without much pressing force.
          • Easy to clean, can rinse during operation.
          • Quiet operation.
          • Small footprint so it won't take up much space in your kitchen.
          • Inexpensive compared to twin gear juicers.
          • Good nutritional yield due to slow speed and gentle squeezing action.
          • Better taste than high-speed juicers.
          • Safer than high-speed juicers with no sharp blades.
          • Juice from vertical juicers will keep for 48 hours in the refrigerator.

          When is a Vertical Juicer Unsuitable?

          • Twin Gear juicers are better at producing large volumes of leafy green juice.


            What's So Good About Hurom Juicers?

            • Hurom Cold Press Juicers are Korean made from high-quality components, so you know the quality is excellent.
            • Hurom is the Number 1 Cold Press Juicer brand in the world. (Source: Euromonitor International Ltd - Consumer Appliances 2017).
            • Hurom has been around since 1972 when it created the 'Slow Squeezing System'. They have now sold over 7 million Slow Juicers.
            • Hurom manufacture juicers for other companies such as Smeg and the highly-rated Omega brand.
            • All Hurom juicers come with advanced patented technologies. Not cheap Chinese copies.
            • Hurom offers a market-leading 10-year warranty.

            Hurom Cold Press Juicers Authorised Retailer

            Hurom H34 Juicer Rear


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            30 reviews
            Angel Juicer 8500

            2nd one I’ve had, the first being an auger type. This one by far the best, quicker, less waste and a richer juice. And easier to clean. The cost may be prohibitive but over a longer term will pay back in reduced cost of fruit and veges. Recommended.

            Very happy customer

            Arrived on time and to description. Very easy transaction and great customer service.


            What an amazing unit ! I’m extremely happy with this product

            Moreover I’m very happy with the customer service and back up of Just Juices management for getting the product to me. They were there every step of the way.

            I would definitely 100% order more stock in the future from them.

            One happy customer

            Biochef cold press juicer

            Customer service is good. But, delivery time is more than a week. It is my first cold press juicer. Generally speaking, it is good. Easy to install, but not easy to clean and pulp stuck inside when you produce more than 1/2 litres of juice

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