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Santos #32 High Output Automatic Orange Juicer With Stainless Steel Stand-Juicer-Just Juicers
Santos #32 High Output Automatic Orange Juicer With Stainless Steel Stand-Juicer-Just Juicers
Santos #32 High Output Automatic Orange Juicer With Stainless Steel Stand-Juicer-Just Juicers
Santos #32 High Output Automatic Orange Juicer With Stainless Steel Stand-Juicer-Just Juicers

Santos #32 High Output Automatic Orange Juicer With Stainless Steel Stand

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    Why Buy From Just Juicers

    Santos has been manufacturing automatic orange juicers since 1988 and brings you more than 30 years of it's know how to give you the best quality orange juice.

    The #32 Automatic Orange Juicer is perfect for juice bars, fast food chains, hotels, and any other commercial establishment. You have the choice of the counter version or the trolley version, so this amazing juicer can fit virtually anywhere.

    This in-counter version ejects peels under your counter and comes with a cutout drawing delivered with the juicer. It also comes complete with a drip tray and a juice container to ensure that you are ready to start juicing.

    Things You'll Love About the #32 Automatic Orange Juicer

    • Hand Made in France - Superb quality for long life.
    • High Output - 100 litres of juicer per hour minimum.
    • Large Capacity Hopper - Fits 10kg of oranges.
    • Powerful & Reliable Commercial Motor - For superior commercial reliability.
    • Long Warranty - 5-year motor warranty, 2-year parts & labour.
    • Full Stainless Steel Construction - For superior hygiene.
    • Removable Knife - Lowers squeezers and ejectors for easy cleaning.
    • Interchangeable Knife Blade - High resistance for intensive use.
    • Safety Features - Emergency stop button and safety switch to stop the motor when the door opens.
    • Accepts All Size Oranges - Accepts 60mm to 90mm diameter oranges without preliminary calibration.
    • Patented Squeezing System - With the automatic ejection of peels.
    • Automatic Unblocking System - In case of unusual squeezing.
    • Ejection of Peels Under the Juicer - In a container placed underneath with high storage capacity.
    • Removable Seeds Filter - Stainless steel filter included.
    • 7 Litre Juice Container - With manual pulp agitator.
    • Stainless Steel Table - With wheels and container for 20kg of orange peel.
    • Compact - Low overall dimensions.


    High Output

    The commercial design of the #32 Orange Citrus Juicer has a high output of 100 litres of juicer per hour minimum. That means it squeezes 20 oranges per minute (1,200 oranges per hour).

    High Performance

    The Santos #32 Automatic Juicer delivers maximum extraction of juice thanks to its patented squeezing system. It also delivers automatic unblocking in case of unusual squeezing to reduce downtime.

    Reliable Motor

    The #32 Citrus Juicer is equipped with a powerful professional asynchronous motor, designed to be used continuously for many hours. The moor is backed by a manufacturer 5-year warranty.

    High-Quality Juice

    With the exclusive patented squeezing system, you have the best in high precision juicing with the Santos #32 Juicer. The high-quality juice has no bitterness, and there is no contact between the juice and the peel.

    Easy to Use

    The simple operation automatically cuts, squeezes and ejects the oranges. And it accepts all sizes from 60mm to 90mm without preliminary calibration.

    A special adaptor for smaller oranges 40mm to 70mm is available on demand.

    Easy to Clean

    The Santos #32 Automatic Juicer comes with a complimentary 5-litre water sprayer to make cleaning easy. And all the vital parts are removable for easy cleaning (knife, lower squeezers and ejectors).

    All removable parts can be placed in a dishwasher or easily cleaned with hot soapy water.

    Stainless Steel Construction

    Stainless Steel is the standard for commercial hygiene, and the Santos #32 Juicer is full stainless steel construction.

    Electrical Safety

    With commercial kitchen health and safety in mind, electrical safety features are well provided for.

    • Emergency button and safety switch (the motor stops when opening the door).
    • On/Off interlock switch detects overloading and no voltage.
    • The motor is protected by an internal thermal detector and overload protector.
    • All mechanical parts are ground (earth) connected.
    • All equipment is 100% tested at the end of assembly in the special Santos electrical testing bay.

    Acoustic Safety

    The asynchronous motor with direct drive is particularly silent, making this citrus juicer a great addition to your juice bar or cafe.



    • Model: Santos #32 High Output Citrus Juicer
    • Colours Available: Stainless Steel

    Extra Features

    • Output: At least 100L/Hr
    • Motor Protected by thermal detector and overload protector
    • Quiet operation
    • Dishwasher safe


    • Speed: 500 rpm
    • Loading: 600 Watts

    Included Accessories

    • Peel ejection container
    • Drip Tray
    • Juicer Container
    • 5-litre water sprayer

    Dimensions & Weight

    • Dimensions: W 41 cm x D 62 cm x H 102cm (juicer), W 41 cm x D 19 cm x H 21 cm (peel container)
    • Shipping Dimensions: W 52 cm x D 67 cm x H 117 cm
    • Weight: 63 kg (juicer) + 2.5 kg (peel container)
    • Shipping Weight: 73 kg

    Manufacturer & Warranty

    • Country of Manufacture: France
    • 2-year parts and labour warranty
    • 5-year warranty on the motor

    More Information

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