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Juicer - Santos #65 Cold Press Juicer
Juicer - Santos #65 Cold Press Juicer
Juicer - Santos #65 Cold Press Juicer

Santos #65 Cold Press Juicer

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    Why Buy From Just Juicers

    Santos  #65 Cold Press Juicer

    This stylish commercial counter-top juicer can be used continuously in front of customers. The Santos #65 Cold Press Juicer is perfect for your restaurant, fast food outlet or juice bar.

    The Extra Large Feed Chute allows you to feed whole fruit and vegetables to reduce preparation time. And the exclusive patented slow juicing system ensures you extract maximum nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals whilst getting the maximum yield of juice.

    Things You'll Love About the Santos #65 Cold Press Juicer:

    Extra Wide Chute - 79.5mm diameter to juice whole fruit and vegetables

    No Pre-Cutting Needed - Huge savings on preparation time.

    Aluminium Body - Durable and easy to clean.

    Stainless Steel Food Zone - Durable and BPI free.

    High Juice Spout - Accepts glasses, jugs and jars up to 21cm high.

    Easy to Clean - Simple disassembly for easy cleaning.

    Dishwasher Safe - Cut down cleaning time even more.

    4 Non-Slip Feet - Makes benchtop spills a breeze to clean up.

    High Output - Juice at 40 to 60 Litres per hour.

    High Yield - Exceptionally high yield means big savings on fruit and vegetables.

    Heavy Duty Construction - Perfect for commercial use.

    Hand Made in France - Superb quality for long life.

    Long Warranty - 5-years on motor and 2-years on parts.

     Santos Cold Press Juicer


    XL 79.5mm Diameter Feed Chute

    The Extra Large feed chute of the Santos Cold Press Juicer means that you can feed whole fruit into the juicer. You will need to remove large stones from fruits like mangos, apricots and peaches, but otherwise, simply feed the whole fruit through the feed chute.

    Feeding whole fruit reduces preparation time drastically, giving you more time to attend to your customers.

    Durable Construction

    All parts in the food zone are constructed from food-grade stainless steel. This ensures long life with minimum wear. The body of the juicer is made from Aluminium for industrial durability and easy cleaning.

    Ultra Slow Extraction

    The exclusive patented slow juicing system uses 2 separate screws and 2 motors to give you variable speed control from 5 to 80 RPM. You won't find this in other juicers.

    Advantages of the exclusive extraction technology developed and patented by Santos:

    • Preserves maximum enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
    • Minimises juice separation and oxidation
    • Maximises juice extraction. 


    Easy to Use Vertical Design

    Vertical juicers have the advantage of being effortless to push the fruit through the juicer. In fact, most fruit will simply fall through, letting gravity do the work for you. Operation is much easier than horizontal juicers, which require considerable effort to push the fruit through the gear mechanism.

    Intelligent Controls

    • Top Screw Feed Knob - Adjusts the motor speed of the top feed screw.
    • Bottom Screw Feed Knob - Adjusts the motor speed of the bottom feed screw.
    • On-Off Button - Turn the machine on or off, backlit with a green light.
    • Backward Operation Button - Reverse the motor direction to clear blockages, backlit with a red light.

      Commercial Induction Motors

      The commercial induction motors are extremely durable and long-lasting. And whisper-quiet, at only 64 Decibels.

      If the motors overheat, the protection system will automatically shut the 2 motors down for cooling, thus preventing damage to the motors.

      Safety Locking System

      The machine will not start unless the feed channel, the bowl and the top cover are positioned correctly and locked into place. This prevents accidentally starting the juicer until it is correctly assembled.

      A convenient Safety Lock is positioned on top of the machine to prevent accidental opening of the top cover.

        Perfect for Leafy Greens

        The Santos #65 Cold Press Juicer easily juices leafy greens like kale and spinach. And it will effortlessly juice celery for wonderful detox juice.

        Santos Cold Press Juicer



        • Model: Cold Press Juicer NutriSantos #65
        • Juicer Type: Vertical Cold Press Juicer
        • Colours Available: Green

        Extra Features

        • Feed Opening: 79.5mm diameter
        • Output: Up to 60 litres per hour


        • Speed: 80 RPM maximum
        • High-Speed Motor: 5 to 10 RPM
        • Low-Speed Motor: 35 to 70 RPM
        • Power Loading: 500 Watts
        • Voltage: 220-240 V & 50/60 Hz
        • Current: 2.17 Amps
        • Phases: Single Phase
        • Plug Type: 10 Amp Plug
        • Noise Level: 64 Decibels
        • Operation Time: 10 minutes on / 10 minutes off

        Included Accessories

        • Cleaning Brush
        • Sieve Cleaning Brush
        • 4 Litre Pulp Container
        • Stainless Steel Juice Sieve with 3mm holes

        Optional Extras

        • Coulis Sieve (Coarse)

        Dimensions and Weight

        • Product Weight: 28.6 kg
        • Shipping Weight: 32.0 kg
        • Product Dimensions: L 23.6 cm x H 64.2 cm x D 41.2 cm
        • Shipping Dimensions: L 33.0 cm x H 66.0 cm x D 49.0 cm
        • Shipping Volume: 0.1067 cubic metres

        Manufacturer & Warranty:

        • Country of Manufacture: France
        • Warranty: 5 Years on Motor / 2 Year on Parts/Labour

        What's So Good About Cold Press Juicing?

        Highest Nutrition - Low speed prevents heat buildup and minimises juice oxidation—the low speed results in the highest quality juice with maximum nutrients and natural enzymes.

        Immune System Boost - Maximum nutrients help to heal, cleanse and detox your body, boosting your overall health. And the abundance of natural enzymes will energise and boost your immune system.

        Increased Energy Levels - Cold-pressed juice gives you potent and instant effects, giving you an immediate energy kick after drinking it.

        Easy to Digest - The fibrous pulp is removed from the fruit and vegetables, and the digestive system does not need to break down the fibre. Thus your body uses less energy to digest the juice.

        Better Tasting - Sweeter juice due to low friction. It looks better too!

        Quiet - Slower operating speeds mean quieter juicing.

        Maximum Shelf Life of Juice - Up to 72 hours in the refrigerator.


        What's So Good About Santos Juicers?

        • Santos is a premium French manufacturer of commercial food equipment.
        • More than 65 years of history - Santos was created in 1954.
        • Santos is now represented in more than 130 countries.
        • Products are all hand-made in Lyon, France.
        • Renowned for providing the best possible after-sales service.
        Santos Authorized Online Retailer

        7 Reasons to Be Healthier With Just Juicers

        1. Free Delivery - Postage costs are on us, all the time.

        2. Fast Shipping - Products typically ship 1-2 days after ordering and delivered 3-5 days after shipping.

        3. Quality Products - We source only the best health products from around the globe.

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        5. Price Match Guarantee - If you find a lower price, we'll match it or refund the difference.

        6. Personal Customer Support - From finding your product to after-sales support, you can deal directly with us.

        7. We Know Juicing - We grow veggies, make fresh juice and smoothies. We love trying new recipes and juice fasts. It's no surprise that we know a lot about juicers and blenders. 

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