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Sedona Classic Rawfood Dehydrator with 9 Stainless Steel Trays-Dehydrator-Just Juicers
Sedona Classic Rawfood Dehydrator with 9 Stainless Steel Trays-Dehydrator-Just Juicers
Sedona Classic Rawfood Dehydrator with 9 Stainless Steel Trays-Dehydrator-Just Juicers
Sedona Classic Rawfood Dehydrator with 9 Stainless Steel Trays-Dehydrator-Just Juicers
Sedona Classic Rawfood Dehydrator with 9 Stainless Steel Trays-Dehydrator-Just Juicers

Sedona Classic Rawfood Dehydrator with 9 Stainless Steel Trays

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    Why Buy From Just Juicers

    Would you like to preserve all your leftover fruit and vegetables? With this Sedona Dehydrator, you can preserve all the goodness in your produce, retaining all the nutrients and taste so you can eat healthier.

    The Sedona Dehydrator is big on safety features, convenience and style. Packed with state of the art digital dehydrating technology, the simple interface makes it a breeze to dehydrate your whole raw food. Best of all, you won't need to use artificial preservatives. 


       Sedona Classic Rawfood Dehydrator

      What you'll love about the Sedona Dehydrator

      Dual Computer Controlled Fans - Improves efficiency and quality of the dehydration process.

      Digital Thermostat - Operate at 300 or 600 watts of power.

      2 Drying Compartments - Operating independently of each other or together as one.

      Overheat Protection - Prevents your food from being overheated.

      Stainless Steel Trays – Stainless steel mesh trays for peace of mind.

      Simple, Elegant Interface - Digital display and settings make it stylish and easy to operate.

      LED Light Display - Makes it easy to operate in dark environment.

      Front Control Panel Switch - Makes it easy to use and store under cupboards.

      Built-in Timer - Set it for up to 99 hours.

      Automatic Pause - The timer automatically pauses when the door opens and resumes when it closes.

      Clear Glass Door - Monitor your food without opening the door.

      Pull-Down Door Design – For added convenience.

      Elegant Design – Tribest prides itself on a stylish design which will look great in any kitchen.


      The Sedona nine-tray food dehydrator from Tribest is packed with intelligent design features. With the latest in digital technology, these food dehydrators give you unsurpassed accuracy in temperature control.

      Dual Drying Compartments

      By using the plastic closed tray/divider, your dehydrator is converted into 2 separate drying compartments. You can control the drying compartment together, or independently of each other. Each compartment has it's own computer-controlled fan and heating element. 

      The dual heater/fan technology in the two drying compartment allows the dehydrator to operate at 300 or 600-watt power, depending on your needs. Each compartment has integral heat sensors to monitor the current temperature of each compartment. Each independent computer-controlled fan-heater can be adjusted to improve the efficiency and overall quality of the dehydration process.

      Sedona Classic Rawfood Dehydrator

      Whisper Quiet Operation

      The Sedona Dehydrator is extremely quiet during operation. The high efficiency of the dual computer-controlled fans manages the heated air in the drying compartment evenly and accurately. 

      The super-quiet DC Motors produce far less noise than ever before. And the night-mode function gives you even quieter performance by automatically slowing down the fan speed.

      Intelligent Interface

      The user-friendly digital controls on the Sedona Dehydrator make it a breeze to use. The digital displays are large and easy to read. The controls are all clearly marked and extremely easy to operate. Here are the controls on this Sedona Dehydrator.

      • Power On/Off Switch
      • Temperature Display Mode Button – Easily change to °F or °C
      • Digital Temperature Set/Display Window
      • Digital Timer Set/Display Window
      • Set Button – Set temperature and time
      • Up/Down Button – Set temperature and timer hours
      • Tray Button – Set which trays are active
      • Mode Button – Daytime / Nighttime mode
      • Start/Pause Button – Start or pause the operation of the dehydrator

      Sedona Classic Rawfood Dehydrator


      By using the closed dividing tray, you can operate at 300 or 600 watts to reduce power consumption to the level you require. The Dual Fan Technology gives you much better energy efficiency than a single compartment.

      And the separate heat sensor in each compartment monitors the temperature of each independent fan-heater set to improve the overall efficiency of the dehydrator.

      What Can You Make in a Sedona Dehydrator?

      The main reason people use dehydrators is to use heat and airflow to remove all the water content from fruit and vegetables. This way, you can preserve the fruit and vegetables without using preservatives, and without losing its nutritional value. But there are so many more delicious and nutritious recipes you can make in a Sedona Dehydrator.

      Once you own a Sedona Dehydrator, you are only limited by your imagination. Here are a few examples of what you can make:

      • Tortillas – Grain, vegetable…
      • Healthy Crackers and Cookies
      • Delicious Brownies
      • Rice Cakes
      • Fruit Chips – Banana, papaya, pineapple, apple, apricots…
      • Dehydrated Spices – Rosemary, parsley, thyme, basil, sage…
      • Fruit Strips
      • Jerky

      Tribest Sedona Classic Rawfood Dehydrator Black TBS9TSS front side



      • Brand: Sedona
      • Model: SD-S9000
      • Type: Raw Food Dehydrator
      • Colour: Black
      • Number of Trays: 9
      • Materials: Stainless Steel Trays

      Extra Features

        • Dual Computer Controlled Fans
        • Digital Controls and Display
        • LED Light Display
        • Automatic Pause
        • Overheat Protection


          • Power: 600 Watts / 300 Watts
          • Voltage: 220-240V
          • Temperature Range: 30 - 68 °C
          • Number of Heaters: 2
          • Number of Fans: 2

          Included Accessories

            • 9 Stainless Steel Open Trays
            • 9 BPA-Free Plastic Mesh Screens
            • 1 BPA-Free Plastic Closed Tray/Divider (for placing in the middle rack when using only 1 fan)
            • Removable power cable
            • 1 Recipe Book
            • 1 Operation Manual

            Optional Extras

              • Silicone Drying Sheets
              • Triflex Teflon Coated Drying Sheets
              • Polypropylene Drying Sheets
              • Stainless Steel Drying Trays
              • Debris Mat
              • Template Sets - Cookies, Wraps, Wraps, Pizza
              • Check our Sedona Accessories Page

              Dimensions & Weight

                • Overall Size: 43.2 cm (W) x 50.1 cm (L) x 37.1 cm (H)
                • Tray Size: 38.7 cm (W) x 33.0 cm (L) x 0.6 cm (H)
                • Drying Capacity: 1.17 square metres
                • Weight: 10.9 kg
                • Shipping Weight: 14.9 kg

                Warranty and Manufacturing

                • Country of Manufacture: South Korea
                • Warranty: 5 Years (domestic), 6 Months (commercial)

                More Information on Food Dehydrators

                Sedona Classic Rawfood Dehydrator Black TBS9TP fruit

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                     Sedona Dehydrator Comparison Chart 



                    Plastic Trays / Stainless Steel  Trays


                    Plastic Trays / Stainless Steel  Trays


                    Stainless Steel  Trays



                    Plastic Trays / Stainless Steel  Trays

                    Model SD-P9000 / SD-S9000 SD-P9150 / SD-S9150 SDC-S101 SD-P6280 / SD-S6780
                    Dimensions (cm) 43W x 49D x 37H 43W x 49D x 37H 43W x 50D x 37H 31W x 49D x 37H
                    Drying Capacity (sq.m) 1.17 1.17 1.18 0.92
                    Unit Weight (kg) 10.6 / 10.9 10.8 / 10.9 10.9 9.3 / 10.5
                    Shipping Weight (kg) 14.5 / 14 15.5 / 14.5 14.25 12.5 / 13
                    Number of Trays 9 9 9 11
                    Number of Fans 2 2 1 1
                    Temperature Range 30-68°C (85-155°F) 30-68°C (85-155°F) 30-68°C (85-155°F) 27-75°C (77-167°F)
                    TST Feature No Yes Yes Yes
                    Night Mode Yes No No No
                    Air Filter No No Yes Yes
                    Debris Mat No
                    Yes Yes Yes
                    Domestic Warranty 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years
                    Commercial Warranty 6 Months 6 Months 2 Years Parts / 1 Year Labour 6 Months

                    Customer Reviews

                    Based on 1 review
                    Sally Seminara
                    Sedona raw food dehydrator

                    Loved shopping at just juicers. My Sedona raw food dehydrator arrived on time , and has been a pleasure to use. This has become my favourite tool in the kitchen. It’s so quiet and very easy to use and creates all my favourite creations.

                    QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

                    Ask a Question
                    • Does this dehydrator come with a debris mat?

                      The Sedona Classic is not supplied with a debris mat. These are optional extras and can be purchased.

                    • What is the noise level of this dehydrator? Do you have a dBA noise rating?

                      We do not have an official dBA rating for Sedona Dehydrators. However, you could compare them to a quiet split system air conditioner noise level (the indoor fan unit of course).

                    • Does the Classic Dehydrator (600W) dehydrate faster than the Express Dehydrator (450/500W)?

                      Actually the power rating has no effect on the speed of food dehydration. The number 1 controlling factor is food preparation ie. How fine you cut the slices.

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