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Juicer - Torus T1000 Classic Vertical Cold Press Juicer
Juicer - Torus T1000 Classic Vertical Cold Press Juicer
Juicer - Torus T1000 Classic Vertical Cold Press Juicer
Juicer - Torus T1000 Classic Vertical Cold Press Juicer
Juicer - Torus T1000 Classic Vertical Cold Press Juicer
Juicer - Torus T1000 Classic Vertical Cold Press Juicer

Torus T1000 Classic Vertical Cold Press Juicer

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    Why Buy From Just Juicers

    Torus T1000 Classic Cold Press Juicer

    This Torus T1000 Classic Cold Press Juicer is everything that you need in a cold press juicer at a great price.

    With the original small-mouthed feed hopper, this compact vertical juicer delivers nutritious, high quality, great-tasting cold-pressed juice.

    What You'll Love About the Torus T1000

    Compact Size - Takes up less space than the Torus flagship model, the T5500.

    Nutrition Protection Technology - The T1000 utilizes nutrient protecting cold-pressing technology.

    Smart Lock Technology - Prevents juicer operation unless hopper is locked securely in position.

    Robust Motor - Provides greater longevity and quieter operation.

    2 Strainers Included - For fine or coarse texture cold-pressed juice.

    Wide Spillage Tray - Prevents spillage of fruit entering the feed chute.

    Easy Carry Handle - This lightweight juicer is easy to carry thanks to the convenient built-in handle.

    Easy Cleaning - Run warm water through the juicer to make cleaning much easier.

    BPA-Free - No need to worry about harmful chemicals leaking into your juice.

    3 Great Colours - Available in Red, Black or Silver to suit any kitchen decor.

    Long Warranty - 5 years warranty on the motor.


    Classic Small Mouth Hopper

    Classic refers to the classic small-mouthed feed hopper. The tamper fits neatly into the feed chute to easily push fruit and vegetables into the juicer.

    The small-mouth hopper is ideal for longer vegetables like carrot and celery. Round fruits like apples and oranges will need to be cut into smaller pieces prior to feeding into the juicer.

    Modern Low Profile Design

    The sleek modern design of the Torus T1000 Classic Slow Juicer will look great in any kitchen. This is a compact juicer, and the small footprint of this vertical juicer also means it will not take up too much kitchen space.

    The low profile feed chute means it will comfortably fit in almost any kitchen space (46cm high). And the juicing bowl can be removed for storage in most kitchen cupboards (26cm high).

    Lightweight Compact Design

    Not only is the Torus T1000 Classic Juicer lightweight at just 7.1 kg, but it is also easy to carry around the kitchen thanks to the Easy-Carry Handle.

    Smart Lock Technology

    Torus Smart Lock Technology means that there is a safety lock preventing the juicer from starting unless the juice bowl is locked into place.

    Torus T1000 Classic Vertical Cold Press Juicer smart lock technology

    Two Strainers Included

    Fine Strainer to cold press juice with a silky smooth texture.

    Coarse Strainer to cold press juice with a thicker texture.

    Juice Outlet Stopper

    The juice outlet comes with an integrated juice outlet stopper. Close the stopper to allow your juice to mix inside the large juicing bowl, ensuring that your juice is mixed to a perfect consistency.

    Integrated Forwards / Reverse Switch

    The power switch can be toggled from forward to reverse mode. Having forwards and backwards modes allow you to easily clear any blockages inside the juicing chamber.

    Torus T1000 Classic Vertical Cold Press Juicer forward reverse switch

    Easy Clean System

    Simply run warm water through the Torus T1000 Classic Juicer after you juice. Add a few drops of detergent and run the juicer for a couple of minutes. This will remove most residue; the cleaning brush is used to clean any remaining pulp from the screens.

    Perfect for Celery Juice

    Torus has been working with customers to determine the best protocol for pure celery juice, giving excellent results. Torus has quick, simple and effective celery juice protocol so you can create perfect celery juice, every time.

    Accessories Included

    • 2 x Straining Screens - Small & large hole straining screens for thick juice or silky smooth fine juice.

    • Straining Bag - (Nut Milk Bag) Removes final traces of pulp from the juice and removes final drops of juice from the pulp.
    • Tamper - To assist pushing fruit and vegetables into the feed hopper.
    • 2 x Jugs - For collecting juice and pulp.
    • Juice Outlet Stopper - For mixing juice inside the mixing bowl.
    • Cleaning Brush - Clean the juicing screens.
    • Instruction Manual - User operation manual.

    Torus T1000 Classic Vertical Cold Press Juicer accessories



    • Brand: Torus
    • Model: T1000 Classic
    • Type: Vertical Cold Press


    • Motor Type: AC Induction
    • Power: 150 Watts
    • Speed: 65 rpm
    • Noise Level: 30-50 Decibels

    Extra Features

    • Smartlock Technology
    • Material: BPA Free
    • Quiet, durable AC motor
    • High Yield Auger
    • Wide Feed Chute Spillage Tray
    • Juice Outlet Stopper
    • Easy Carry Handle
    • Raw nutrient protection

    Included Accessories

    • Coarse Straining Screen
    • Fine Straining Screen
    • Juice Collection Jug
    • Pulp Collection Jug
    • Straining Bag
    • Juice Stopper
    • Tamper
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Instruction Manual

    Dimensions and Weight

    • H 46cm W 17.5cm L 20cm
    • H (with hopper assembly removed) 26cm
    • Weight: 7.1 kg

    Manufacturer & Warranty:

    • Country of Manufacture: China
    • Domestic Warranty: 5 years motor, 2 years parts and labour

    Torus T1000 Classic Red Black Silver

    What's So Good About Cold Press Juicing?

    • Low speed prevents heat buildup and minimises juice oxidation. This results in the highest quality juice with maximum nutrients and natural enzymes.
    • Maximum shelf life of juice - up to 72 hours in the refrigerator.
    • Quieter juicing due to slow speed.
    • Better tasting, sweeter juice due to low friction.
    • The best way to energise, cleanse and detox your body, and to maintain good health.

    What's So Good About Torus Juicers?

    • The first Torus machines came to Australia in 2015.
    • The Torus mission statement is to supply the highest quality juicers at the best price.
    • Torus Juicers are only sold online, eliminating hefty price hikes from the middle man.
    • Since 2015, Torus has tested the best slow juicing machines available and are proud to introduce the 2 top picks from the most established slow juicer manufacturers under the Torus brand.
    • Rather than offering a confusing array of juicers, Torus has selected the 2 machines that combine performance, durability, choice of affordability, and professional juice quality to suit the needs of every kind of user.
    • Torus Juicers are continually evolving. The top of the line Torus 5500 juicer is now in the third generation of improvements, featuring a new improved auger, more ergonomic bigmouth hopper system and a more powerful motor.

    Torus Cold Pressed Juicers

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