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Accessory - Universal Horizontal Juicer Front End Kit
Accessory - Universal Horizontal Juicer Front End Kit
Accessory - Universal Horizontal Juicer Front End Kit

BioChef / Oscar Universal Horizontal Juicer Front End Kit

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    Why Buy From Just Juicers

    Universal Horizontal Juicer Front End Kit

    Sleek design. BPA Free. Best of Class. The perfect accessory for your horizontal juicer.

    Things You'll Love About the Universal Horizontal Juicer Front End Kit

    Oscar and BioChef Friendly - Compatible with Oscar, BioChef & Omega horizontal juicers

    Larger feeding chute - reduces preparation time of your fresh fruit and vegetables

    New Life for you Old Juicer - Extend the lifespan of your juicer and replace parts

    Sleek design - Turn your old juicer into a modern sleek juicer

    100% BPA Free - BPA-free polycarbonate construction

    Packed Full of Value - 3-piece kit!

    Make More Food - Replace the entire front-end of your juicer and continue to create delicious juice, doughs, pasta, dips and more.


    One Size Fits All

    The Universal Horizontal Juicer Front End Kit fits these models! 
    • Oscar VitalMax 900
    • Oscar Neo DA1000
    • Oscar Neo DA1200
    • Most Omega Horizontal Juicers
    • BioChef Axis
    • BioChef Axis Compact

    Please note: When using the Universal Horizontal Juicer Front End Kit for your Omega & Oscar Juicers, please ensure you replace the existing locking clip and screws with to newly provided ones.

    Pulp Ejection Adjustment Nozzle

    You choose how much pulp you want in your juice. The Universal Horizontal Juicer Front End Kit is especially exciting for those who own the Oscar VitalMax 900 Juicer as it comes with a pulp ejection adjustment nozzle.

    This feature is not included with the Oscar VitalMax 900 from the factory and means you can now choose the level of pulp you want in your juice with the simply twist of a nozzle.

    13 Piece Set Included

    1. Auger
    2. Drum
    3. Drum Cap (Black)
    4. Drum Hopper (Black)
    5. Juicing Strainer
    6. Mincing Strainer
    7. Juicer Container
    8. Pulp Container
    9. Plunger
    10. Cleaning Brush
    11. Locking Clip & Screws (Black)
    12. Nozzle Set Black
    13. Pulp Ejection Adjustment Nozzle

      Long Warranty

      You can't go wrong with a 10-year warranty!



      • Brand: BioChef
      • Model: UHJFE
      • Colours Available: Black

      Extra Features

      • Pulp Adjustment Nozzle
      • Materials: BPA FREE Polycarbonate

      Included Accessories

      • Auger
      • Drum
      • Drum Cap Black
      • Drum Hopper Black
      • Juicing Strainer
      • Mincing Strainer
        Juicer Container
      • Pulp Container
      • Plunger
      • Cleaning Brush
      • Locking Clip+Screws Black
      • Nozzle Set Black
      • Pulp Ejection Adjustment Nozzle

      Dimensions and Weight

      • Product Weight: 1.33 kg
      • Shipping Weight: 1.8 kg
      • Product Dimensions: L 24cm x H 21.5cm x 8 cm
      • Shipping Dimensions: L 21cm x H 21cm x D 27.5 cm

      Manufacturer & Warranty:

      • Country of Manufacture: China
      • Domestic Warranty: 10 years

      What's So Good About Cold Press Juicing?

      Highest Nutrition - Low speed prevents heat buildup and minimises juice oxidation. This results in the highest quality juice with maximum nutrients and natural enzymes.

      Immune System Boost - Maximum nutrients help to heal, cleanse and detox your body, boosting your overall health. And the abundance of natural enzymes will energise and boost your immune system.

      Increased Energy Levels - Cold-pressed juice gives you potent and instant effects, giving you an immediate energy kick after drinking it.

      Easy to Digest - The fibrous pulp is removed from the fruit and vegetables, and the digestive system does not need to break down the fibre. This means your body uses less energy to digest the juice.

      Better Tasting - Sweeter juice due to low friction. It looks better too!

      Quiet - Slower operating speeds mean quieter juicing.

      Maximum Shelf Life of Juice - Up to 72 hours in the refrigerator.


      What's So Good About BioChef Juicers?

      • More affordable than other juicer brands on the market.
      • The World's first kitchen appliance brand dedicated to making health easy.
      • Currently sold in 30+ countries around the world.
      • Products are backed up by extra-long warranties.
      • Launched in 2011 with over 22 years in the juicing industry.

      BioChef Slow Juicers Cold Press Juicers


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