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UrbiPod Smart Indoor Garden-Hydroponics-Just Juicers-urbotanica
UrbiPod Smart Indoor Garden-Hydroponics-Just Juicers-indoor herb garden australia
UrbiPod Smart Indoor Garden-Hydroponics-indoor herb garden kit australia
UrbiPod Smart Indoor Garden-Hydroponics-indoor smart garden
UrbiPod Smart Indoor Garden-Hydroponics-botanica osborne park

UrbiPod Smart Indoor Garden

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    Why Buy From Just Juicers

    Grow Delicious Herbs and Salads In Your Kitchen!

    The UrbiPod is an innovative indoor gardening system that takes all the guesswork out of growing fresh herbs, salads and micro greens. Best of all you can grow these all year round, irrespective of the season outside.

    Things You’ll Love About the UrbiPod

    • Easy to Use - UpbiPod's self watering system makes growing a breeze
    • Low Maintenance - Requires just 10 minutes per month
    • Saves Water - Uses 90% less water than outdoor growing
    • Energy Friendly - Uses less electricity than your toaster over a full year
    • Healthier - Urbipod reduces the need for pesticides
    • Saves You Money - Stop buying expensive supermarket herbs
    • Australian Made - Manufactured in Australia by partnering with the Activ Foundation
    • 1 Year Warranty - Australian manufacturer's warranty.  


    The UrbiPod is a complete growing system and indoor kitchen appliance in one. Made by Australian brand Urbotanica, the Urbipod system delivers the right amount of natural plant food to your crop using its clever self-watering and nutrient application system. The self-watering irrigation system uses a wicking system to draw the water up from the reservoir, meaning no pump is required.

    Plant lighting is taken care of using the very latest in lighting technology. Automated energy-efficient LED lights provide the ideal environment for your plants. The LED system mimics sunlight so well that you can grow your plants up to three times faster than outdoors.

    The individual growing pods can be moved around your home easily. All you need is a power outlet and you’re good to go. And they can be scaled up to produce larger crops of your favourite herbs, salads and micro-greens.

    The UrbiPod is a great way to get your kids interested in gardening; they can watch their crop grow right before their eyes. And the UrbiPod makes a great focal point in your home, with its attractive self contained appearance. 

    It’s so easy to become a green thumb using the UrbiPod, Australia’s Smartest Indoor Garden. The UrbiPod omes ready assembled - just 5 easy steps to get growing, with everything you need to start growing fresh herbs is right in the box.


    • Brand: Urbotanica
    • Model: UrbiPod
    • Weight 3.5 kg
    • Dimensions: H: 40 cm D: 30 cm: W: 30 cm 
    • Warranty: 1 Year

    Package Contents

    • Starter pack of 4 seed varieties
    • Packet of 4 all natural made to measure coir growing discs
    • 250 ml bottle of all-natural liquid nutrient
    • 4 individual detachable growing Pods (white) 
    • Water bottle and valve, electrical cable, LED light halo 
    • Instruction booklet






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