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Hydroponics - VegeBox™ Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden
Hydroponics - VegeBox™ Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden
Hydroponics - VegeBox™ Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden
Hydroponics - VegeBox™ Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden
Hydroponics - VegeBox™ Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden
Hydroponics - VegeBox™ Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden
Hydroponics - VegeBox™ Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden
Hydroponics - VegeBox™ Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden
Hydroponics - VegeBox™ Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden

VegeBox™ Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden

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    Why Buy From Just Juicers

    VegeBox™ Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden

    Now you can have a herb and vegetable garden on your kitchen bench. No need for a back yard or balcony! All you need is nutrient-rich water, a PowerPoint, and a VegeBox Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden.

    The space-saving VegeBox Kitchen is an ingenious space-saving indoor garden, which is can even have multiple units stacked upon each other. With 12 planting holes, you can grow fresh herbs, vegetables and greens right there in your kitchen.

    VegeBox Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden back empty

    What You'll Love About the VegeBox Kitchen

    Stackable to Save Space - Stack multiple units on top of each other.

    12 Planting Holes - Grow a wide variety of herbs, vegetables and salad greens.

    Seeding Box - Easy germination of seeds of your choice.

    Water Pump Outlet with Auto Cut-Off - Set and forget.

    Intelligent Lighting System with Timer - Automate your maximum yields with LED lights and automatic timer.

    Easy to Assemble - Quick and easy design.

    Adjustable Light - 135-degree angle.

    Long Warranty - 2 years for peace of mind.

    VegeBox Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden adjustable

    How to Use the VegeBox™ Indoor Hydroponic Garden

    1. Place your seed of choice in the provided seeding box. Most plants germinate within 1-5 days or more. You will see little roots appear once the seed has germinated.
    2. You can move these seedlings into the planting beds and leave them here until ready to harvest. Turn on the lighting cycle. The VegeBox Kitchen power light will remind you when to add water and nutrition.
    3. Watch, wait and enjoy your harvest! Depending on the plant, it takes about seven weeks to fully mature. Salad leaves and most herbs can be harvested while the plants are still growing.

    VegeBox Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden seedling

    Smart Technology

    With the easy start button, built-in timer and smart lighting technology, the VegeBox Kitchen will be growing delicious healthy plants for 14 hours a day while you work, rest and play. Once your seedlings are ready to plant in the VegeBox Kitchen, just add water and nutrients (not included) then watch and wait.

    When purchasing nutrients, we recommend products designed for inert mediums (like VegeBox). They may come in in a two-pack of A and B formulations specifically for use with tap water.

    The intelligent lighting system will start a cycle of 14 hours of lighting, followed by 10 hours off and then repeat. The VegeBox Kitchen power button will slowly flash when the nutrition concentration is below the desired level to alert you to add water and nutrients.

    VegeBox Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden refill

    Why Choose an Indoor Hydroponic Garden?

    No Soil - Hydroponic gardening is growing plants without using soil. You do this by growing in water with nutrients added.

    No Mess - Growing in water means you don't have to deal with all the mess of soil. Hydroponics is a clean alternative.

    Faster Growing - Hydroponic plants are well known to grow 30-50% faster than plants grown in soil. You also get higher yields than plants grown in traditional soil. Great news if you're growing herbs or vegetables!

    Higher Yields - The extra oxygen in the hydroponic garden set up helps to stimulate root growth and allows the plant to absorb nutrients faster. And hydroponic-grown plants require very little energy to find and break down food. This energy can then put into producing more fruit, giving higher yields.

    Healthier and Happier Plants - If you want happier and healthier plants, hydroponics is the way to go.

    Gardening Without a Back Yard - Now you do not need to have a back yard with a large vegetable garden to grow delicious herbs and vegetables.

    Grow All Year Round - Don't worry about those cold winter months; you can still grow hydroponics 12 months per year.

    VegeBox Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden sprouts

    What can you grow in the VegeBox Kitchen?

    You can get as creative as space allows you to grow your fresh, nutritious herbs, vegetables and greens. Here are the most popular plants grown in VegeBox indoor hydroponics gardens:

    • Herbs
    • Leafy Greens
    • Vegetables
    • Salad Leaves
    • Flowers
    • MicroGreens
    • Seeds

    VegeBox Kitchen Indoor Hydroponic Garden



    • Model: BMK001WH
    • Colours Available: White

    Extra Features

    • Certifications: CE/FCC/ROHS/UL/REACH
    • Materials: LED/ABS
    • Stackable To Save Space
    • 12 Planting Holes
    • Intelligent Lighting System With Timer
    • Water Pump Outlet With Automatic Shut Off
    • Shading Caps For Superior Seed Cultivation
    • Compatible Foods: Basil, Parsley, Wheatgrass, Rocket, Radish, Mint, Tomatoes, Chili, Chinese Greens Such As Bok Choy, Lavender, Chamomile/Wheatgrass, Alfalfa Sprouts, Bean Sprouts, Chickpea Sprouts, Lentil Sprouts, Mung Bean Sprouts, Quinoa Sprouts, Pea Sprouts, Radish


    • Power: 22 Watts
    • Voltage: 12 Volts

    Included Accessories

    • External Power Supply 48 Watts
    • 12 Hole Planting Bed
    • 15 x Planting Baskets
    • 15 x Sponge Pieces
    • 2 x Shading Hats
    • Seed Box
    • Tweezers
    • Measuring Cup

    Optional Extras

    Dimensions and Weight

    • Product Weight: 2.5 kg
    • Shipping Weight: 3.0 kg
    • Product Dimensions: 41.5cm x 39cm x 16.1cm
    • Shipping Dimensions:58cm x 44.8cm x 34.7cm

    Manufacturer & Warranty:

    • Country of Manufacture: China
    • Warranty: 2 Years


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