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What Are The Different Urbotanica Products Available At Just Juicers?

Australian Owned, Australian Made. Creators of the world famous Urbotanica UrbiPod Indoor Garden. Shop online for this amazing indoor herb garden kit Australia.

Urbotanica Urbipod

The Urbotanica UrbiPod is a complete growing system and indoor kitchen appliance in one. Made by Australian brand Urbotanica, the Urbipod system delivers the right amount of natural plant food to your crop using its clever self-watering and nutrient application system.

The smart self-watering irrigation system of the Urbotanica UrbiPod uses a wicking system to draw the water up from the reservoir, meaning no water pump is required.

Plant lighting is taken care of using the very latest in lighting technology. Automated energy-efficient LED lights provide the ideal environment for your plants. The Urbotanica UrbiPod LED system mimics sunlight so well that you can grow your plants up to 3 times faster than outdoors.

Get Your Urbotanica UrbiPod Online Now

So you can see that the Urbotanica UrbiPod is the next generation of Indoor Gardens, and best of all it's Australian Made. Buy your Urbotanica Urbipod Indoor Garden from Australia's favourite Juicer Shop - Just Juicers.

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