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What's So Good About Omega Juicers?

What's So Good About Omega Juicers?

  • Omega Juicers started life as Olympic Products in 1985 before changing its name to Omega Juicers in 1987.
  • Omega is now known as the oldest Juicer brand still operating today.
  • Omega first introduced Single Gear Masticating juicers to the US market back in 1988 and were one of the first brands to introduce what is today know as a vertical slow juicer back in 2005.
  • Known and trusted for its quality products and excellent service Omega Juicers and now has distribution of its brand in over 120 countries.
  • The US Omega head office is based in Pennsylvania USA with its global head office based in Florida. Omega also has offices in Amsterdam and Hong Kong.
  • Omega values its heritage. A company built from the passion for creating products which served our customers well. Omega products are backed by industry leading warranties covering parts and performance.
  • Omega parts are precisely engineered and manufactured with quality materials. Omega's design engineers focus on every detail when it comes to our machines. They refer to this as Juice-ology meaning the science of juicing which takes years to perfect.
  • Omega has been selling its Juicers in Australia for over 5 years. The Omega Customer Service and dispatch centre has over a decade of experience with Cold Pressed Juicers and is located in Burleigh Heads, QLD
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