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BioChef Vacuum Blender Conversion Kit-Accessory-Just Juicers
BioChef Vacuum Blender Conversion Kit-Accessory-Just Juicers
BioChef Vacuum Blender Conversion Kit-Accessory-Just Juicers
BioChef Vacuum Blender Conversion Kit-Accessory-Just Juicers
BioChef Vacuum Blender Conversion Kit-Accessory-Just Juicers
BioChef Vacuum Blender Conversion Kit-Accessory-Just Juicers

BioChef Vacuum Blender Conversion Kit

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    Why Buy From Just Juicers

    BioChef Vacuum Blender Conversion Kit

    Transform your BioChef Living Food Blender into a Vacuum Blender

    Things You'll Love About the BioChef Vacuum Blender Conversion Kit

    Fits Vitamix - Vacuum blend in your Vitamix using this BioChef conversion kit.

    Compatibility - Compatible with most Vitamix blenders*.

    High-Performance Japanese Blades - Specifically-designed Japanese Stainless Steel blades to blend dry ingredients.

    BPA-Free - Durable, heavy-duty BPA-free material.

    3 Vacuum Sealable Bags - Preserve your food with 3 reusable vacuum-sealable bags.

    Less Oxidation - Minimises oxidation of food inside the blender.

    Easy to Use - With automatic-stop function.



    BioChef Vacuum Blender Conversion Kit

    The new BioChef 2 Litre jug is available for purchase as a spare or replacement jug and vacuum pump for your BioChef Living Food Vacuum Blender. After extensive testing, we found that the jug is also compatible with your Vitamix blender as a conversion kit enabling you to turn your Vitamix into a vacuum blender!
    Allowing your produce to blend in a low-oxygen environment can extend the shelf life of your smoothie, keeping the fresh flavour, texture and colour of a freshly blended smoothie.

    Fully Automatic Vacuum Blending Pump

    The BioChef Vacuum Pump will help to preserve the flavours and nutrients in your product in a few simple steps. The high speeds of modern blenders expose your product to oxidation which can destroy the nutrients in your food.

    Using the BioChef Vacuum Pump blender accessory to remove the air from the blender jug allows your product to blend in a low-oxygen environment, eliminating the oxidation process.

    Your smoothies will contain less foam and end up with less separation and loss of valuable antioxidants and phytonutrients. Instead, you will find a consistently smooth blend that holds a far longer shelf life with more vivid colours and higher nutrient value. Enjoy your smoothies with increased nutrition simply with the push of a button.


    Japanese Stainless Steel Blades

    Pulverise even the toughest ingredients with the BioChef Blender Japanese Stainless Steel Blades.

    The BioChef 2L jug features a 6-pronged blade system, unlike any other high-performance blender. Made from Japanese stainless steel, the BioChef jug assembly not only features 4 serrated bowl-hugging blades but also 2 central, smaller and upwards facing blades.

    The combination of the two types and directions of blades creates a funnel or whirlpool effect, drawing the produce up and over into the blades repeatedly. This is why the BioChef Vacuum Kit is able to grind grains, coffee and wheat into a fine powder. Like-for-like blenders would require a separate jug assembly for this.



    When it comes to your health, you want to be sure you’re making the right choice. The BioChef 2L jug is made from 100% Tritan Copolyester, a BPA free, impact-resistant plastic. You can blend with confidence knowing your BioChef Blender jug comes with a full 7-year warranty.

    This super tough jug is shaped like a vortex creating a funnel effect for fast and effective blending, produce is drawn down into the blades in a continuous flow.
    A small but smart feature; the jug plug doubles as a measuring cup so you can ensure accurate results.


    Compatible With

    *This BioChef Container will fit the BioChef Living Food Vacuum Blender and should fit most VitaMix Motor Bases that use the standard 64-ounce Vitamix Container (as seen in the above video). This includes but is not limited to the following models: TNC, 5000, 4500, Turbo Blend VS; CIA Professional Series; Professional Series 200 (Pro 200); 5200 Super – Healthy Lifestyle; 5200 Deluxe – Complete Kitchen; Creations GC; Creations II; 1709; 1363; 1364; 1365; Total Nutrition Center; Aspire; 6300; Pro 300; Creations Elite.

    It will NOT fit the newer Ascent Series (Smart System), Commercial Vitamix Blenders that use the Advance Container or the old 3600 model with a stainless steel container. Please be aware that using a non-Vitamix carafe on your Vitamix blender may void your Vitamix blender warranty.




    • Brand: BioChef
    • Model Number: VPS02+#8 JAR
    • Colours Available: Black

    Extra Features

    • Certified: Vacuum Blending Pump: EMC+LVD
    • Materials: Tritan™ Blender Jug, Vacuum Blending Accessory made from ABS

      Included Accessories

      • BPA Free BioChef 2 Litre Jug
      • Container Lid with 3 level sealing
      • BioChef Vacuum Pump
      • Adaptor plug for blender
      • Adaptor for food bags
      • Silicone seal
      • 3 x reusable vacuum bags (22cm x 34cm)

      Dimensions and Weight

      • Shipping Weight: 2.7 kg
      • Shipping Dimensions: L 29cm x W 22 cm x H 30 cm

        Manufacturer & Warranty:

        • Domestic Warranty: 7 Yr Warranty on Jug, 2 Yr Warranty on Vacuum Pump.
        • Country of Manufacture: China

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