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Optimum Thermocook Pro-M 2.0 All-In-One Kitchen Appliance
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Optimum Thermocook Pro-M 2.0 All-In-One Kitchen Appliance

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    Why Buy From Just Juicers

    One Of The Most Affordable Thermocookers On The Market

    EASY TO USE: Rotary control & full color 9" digital display to manually adjust time, temperature, and speed. One preset program for making dough.

    POWERFUL: 700W motor, 1,000W heating power + Turbo and Pulse options.

    VERSATILE: 5 preset programs for making jam, steaming, soup, and 2 kneading programs for dough. Reverse blade function, built-in recipes, WIFI, and the ability to use and program your own recipes into a mobile phone app for greater flexibility.

    QUALITY ASSURANCE: Designed and Tested in Australia by a Globally Respected brand: Optimum rated 5-stars by customers globally

    MULTILINGUAL: Ability to select your language (EN, DE, FR, NL, IT)

    DEDICATED INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY: Exclusive Access to our Facebook group where users exchange recipes, ideas, tips & tricks

    BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 30-Day Free Trial (Money Back Guarantee)

    Things You'll Love About the Optimum Thermokook Pro-M 2.0

    • Large LCD Display - To manually adjust time, temperature, and speed.
    • Powerful - 700W Motor Power and 1,000W Heating Power.
    • 5 Preset Programs - For making jam, steaming, soup, and 2 programs for kneading dough.
    • Dishwasher Safe - All steaming attachments, plastic lid, butterfly tool, spatula, and jug.
    • Large Capacity - Mixing bowl with built-in scale 2.5 litres (maximum working capacity 2.0 litres).
    • Built-In Recipes - 100+ recipes to choose from.
    • Built-In WiFi - Ability to program your own recipes into a mobile phone app.


    Ultimate Cooking Assistant

    The Thermocook Pro M 2.0 by Optimum is your ultimate kitchen assistant for your cooking, grinding, frying, blending, chopping,  beating, and much more.

    The Thermocook Pro 2.0 comes with a large digital LCD display to manually adjust time temperature and speed five preset programs for making jam, steaming, making soup, and two kneading programs.

    The reverse blade function, built-in recipes, wi-fi, and the ability to use and program your own recipes into a mobile phone app for greater flexibility.

    Powerful and Versatile

    The Thermocook Pro M 2.0 comes with a 700-watt motor power and a 1000-watt heating power. It also comes with a detachable four-wing stainless steel blade for improved processing.

    Loads of Accessories

    Besides the 2.5-liter stainless steel bowl for blending and cooking, the appliance comes with a dishwasher-safe measuring cap, and a butterfly whisk which is perfect for preparing sauces, whipping egg and cream, or for making your favorite butter.

    The Thermocok Pro-M 2.0 also comes with a cooking basket specially designed to cook rice, meat, and vegetables under high temperatures. Inside the mixing bowl a scraper and spatula, a steamer where you create perfect steamed vegetables meat, fish, fruit, rice, and pasta with a steamer insert.

    Built-In Safety Features

    The Optimum Thermocook Pro M 2.0 comes with a mixing bowl with a built-in scale for simple weighing, and it features an overload protection fault switch which ensures that the machine is protected against overload damage in the unlikely event that the machine overheats.

    This feature allows you to keep blending without having to switch it off until the motor cools down. This goes well beyond the overheating protection found in most commercial-grade blenders.

    Touch Screen Adjustments

    Looking at the touch screen panel you can adjust the time from 1 second to 99 minutes and the speed of the blade from 1 to 10. You can also adjust the temperature to the perfect temperature you want

    Your Thermocook Pro will quickly become your secret ally helping you to create memorable, additive free nutrient-rich meals for your family that they will love every step of the way from preparation to cooking to clean up.

    Five Star Rating

    The Optimum Thermocook Pro M 2.0 is one of the most affordable thermal cookers on the market. Why spend thousands when you can purchase Optimum at a mere fraction of the cost?

    Designed and tested in Australia by globally respected brands, Optimum is rated five stars by customers globally.

    What Can You Prepare In the  Optimum Thermocook Pro-M 2.0?

    The Optimum Thermocook Pro-M 2.0 All-In-One Kitchen Appliance is so versatile, here are some of the processes supported by this wonderful kitchen assistant:
    • Chopping
    • Whipping
    • Mixing
    • Emulsifying
    • Milling
    • Kneading
    • Cooking
    • Blending
    • Stirring

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    Our return policy reflects our attitude towards our clients - satisfaction at all costs. That’s why we give you 30 DAYS to test the product at home and if you’re not satisfied, return it with NO QUESTIONS ASKED  (The customer is liable for the return postage). It’s simple, we GUARANTEE you won’t be disappointed with your purchase, and we GUARANTEE you will fall in love!

    24x7 Support & Warranty

    Our support and warranty team operate 24/7, all around the globe. When you purchase your Optimum Thermocook Pro-M 2.0 you will have full access to the Optimum customer service team, regardless of the time of day.



    • Model: Optimum Thermocook Pro-M 2.0
    • Appliance Type: All-In-One Kitchen Appliance
    • Colors Available: White

    Extra Features

    • 9" Large Digital Touchscreen Display to manually adjust time, temperature, and speed.
    • Mobile phone application.
    • Bluetooth connectivity.
    • WiFi connectivity.
    • Turbo and Pulse Options.
    • 5 preset programs for making jam, steaming, and soup, and 2 kneading programs for dough.
    • Timer function 0-99 min.
    • Temperature setting: 30°C - 120°C.
    • Reverse blade function.
    • Multilingual - Select languages from EN, DN, FR, NL, IT.
    • 30-day money-back free trial.

    Safety Features

    • Included in the programming - If contents are over 60°, a safety speed control will limit the blend speed to 4 to reduce the risk of splashing.
    • The ThermoCook Pro-M 2.0 will not operate until the lid is properly secured.
    • Dishwasher Safe - All steaming attachments, plastic lid, butterfly tool, spatula, and jug (IMPORTANT: blade assembly has to be removed before cleaning the jug in the dishwasher).


    • Wattage: 700W

    Included Accessories

    • Base with integrated scale
    • 2.5-liter stainless steel bowl for blending and cooking
    • Steamer insert
    • Cooker insert (inner basket)
    • Hardened 4-wing stainless steel detachable blades
    • Butterfly whisk
    • Spatula
    • 100+ Built-in recipes
    • Measure cup
    • Instruction Manual
    • Recipe book 


      • Size: 34.75 x 22 x 36.7 cm
      • Weight: 6.99 kg

      Manufacturer & Warranty:

      • Country of Manufacture: China
      • Warranty: 2 yrs domestic 24/7 Warranty Support

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