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Vitamix A3500i

Still getting use to a high speed blender, lots of fun things made. Came quickly from just juicers I have brought other things with them and have always been happy with my items.

Fast and efficient

I love my new garden trolley, it’s very sturdy. Service was great from Just Juicers, good communication and fast delivery 😊👍🏻

Greenpower Juicer Cleaning Brush

Excellent service. Lovely shopping experience. The best tool to clean my Greenpower Juicer.

Powerful Juicer

I received my blender a fortnight ago specifically to make my own almond milk
So far so good.
It effectively blends almonds and water quickly and with ease


I set up the Juicer easily and completed a 2 litre jug on celery, spinach & apple.
The Juicer was very easy to operate & clean afterwards.The assembly time of the twin auger was very quick and trouble free.

I turn thee juicer on 3 days later to juice again & it doesn’t respond when I push the button.The power button is on and lit up.I checked the fuse in the lead and it’s fine.I have reported this and waiting for Just Juicers to contact me to trouble shoot or repair.

So sorry you experienced a serious fault with your new Angel Juicer Daniel, this is very rare indeed. However, we were happy to honour the warranty and get a replacement juicer out to you ASAP, we sincerely hope you are enjoying hassle free juicing now :)

Blown away

I have been frustratingly putting up with my old breville fountain juicer for years. Whilst looking for the perfect juicer. Went online did my research found it! Biochef Just juicer amazing juicer, where I get more juice less pulp because half the ingredients don’t end up in the pulp like my old juicer. My family even loved how the taste differs from the Fountain juicer. I have to admit it is a bit fiddling installing and removing, but once you get the hang of it, you just want to juicer all the time. I am even recommending it to friends and family members. Thank you Just juicers. 😊

Angel Juicer Silicone O Ring

I love my juicer it’s the best. After a long time a had to purchase some new silicone rings as well. I’m satisfied and the delivery time was very quick. Awesome service 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Green Power juicer

This juicer arrived quickly and I could track it. It was 50% off and is easy to dismantle and clean. The juice is tasty. Very happy with it

Prompt Delivery

The quickest delivery I had.

juicing soft fruit

It works very well with soft fruits. A good time saver

Mrs Colleen Abbott

Wow what a great story congratulations . I am so glad to have purchased your juicer. Thank you for producing this australian Product.

colleen Abbott

Speedy delivery,but not when you said,so I was not home ,did not sign for delivery.Product is exellent,absolutely THE Best Juicer,pulp bonedry,exspecially if you feed it through a 2. time,to get your produce worth


Yes I received my juicer I am very happy with it very easy to use and clean

Its okay, gains character!

Works fine. A little tricky to clean but with the brush it is okay. The wood tends to catch the colour of the produce. Helpful when the produce needs a bit of help to push down. Would recommend for the Angel Juicer.

Very good juicer

Very happy with my new juicer,
Especially the green juice

Not bad for a first timer here

I do much online shopping and it’s the first time with this company. They were great, timely, and delivered just as I expected. I’d highly recommend and we need more of this calibre companies here in Australia. Product is great, just the thing I wanted. Sometimes the grinding mechanism needs a little help with carrots or non leafy produce but leafy produce is so great on this which beats all other juicers!! Certainly is the Rolls Royce of the juicers.

Optimum Juicer 600M

Very happy with customer service, delivery time and the product itself.


easy to use,easy to clean,great.

Great juicer had 4 of them over many years

Good machine but I had better one. Extracts a lot of juice but not that easy to clean. Components get a bit stuck when you try to open to clean. Sometimes when I do more than half liter, I need to open and clean before continuing...

Best machine on the market to make celery juice

this is our second Green Power juicer; other one is 15+ years old still going but this one is better. It is the best machine to make celery juice and I have tried many machines. Great value for money as well!

Nearly perfect

Good investment, nice product. Some parts seem that they won't last though. But very well priced.

Fast Delivery

I couldn’t believe how fast these were delivered. 3 days, wow! Great product too, very sturdy.

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