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Ten Reasons Why You Should Use a Food Dehydrator

Have you ever thought about dehydrating your food? That's where you remove the moisture from your fruit, vegetables, herbs or meat so it can safely store for a long time. Here are ten good reasons to use a food dehydrator.

1. Dehydrated Food is Nutritious

Using a food dehydrator means you food retains a higher percentage of vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes than conventional cooking. So your food is healthier for you. There are even claims that some dehydrated food has even higher levels of antioxidants.

And guess what, dehydrated food tastes delicious too. Especially with such an abundance of dehydrator recipes on the internet these days.

2. All Natural Food

Have you ever purchased so-called 'natural food' at the supermarket, only to find that it's chock full of additives and chemicals? Well, fear not if you are dehydrating your food. You can be happy that your dehydrator machine is making 100% natural food because that's what you put in.

3. Long-Lasting Food

Your dehydrated food will last for a long time. That's because when you remove the moisture from the produce, you stop the growth of bacteria, meaning your food will last for much, much longer. It will generally last for several months, but up to a year should be okay.

Dried fruit from food dehydrators for sale

4. Saves Money

Have you ever been to a fruit orchard, fruit shop or supermarket and found your favourite fruit at ridiculously low prices. Usually, this happens when the fruit is in season, and the harvest causes good old supply and demand to drive the costs down. But most people can only buy as much as they can eat.

Imagine if you have a food dehydrator. You could purchase a large amount of fruit, and store this cheap produce for consumption over the following few months. Cheap fruit and vegetables can add up to some serious savings! Imagine if you had a large commercial dehydrator.

5. Reduces Wastage

We've all purchased too much fruit or vegetables at some point. As much as you try, you just can't eat all of it before it spoils, and you end up throwing it out when it spoils. What a waste!

But if you know your fresh produce is going to spoil, you can be one step ahead and put it through your food dehydrator to preserve it for later. Dehydrating saves you from having to throw it out.

You can also reduce wastage from your fruit trees or vegetable garden. If you have too much produce to eat, fear not. Dehydrate your produce to minimise wastage

6. Easy to Store

Storing dehydrated food is so easy! Just pop it into snap-lock bags or airtight jars, and they will keep for a long time. And they don't take up much space in your pantry because after removing the water, dehydrated food takes up much less space than fresh food.

Dried Parmisson from Fruit Dehydrator on a plate

7. Portable Food

Food dehydrator recipes are fantastic if you are a hiker. Because it is so light, takes up little space, and is packed so full of nutrition, it is the perfect food to pop into your backpack. Why not pop in a few nuts and make a full-blown trail mix!

Camping trips will never be the same again once you've tried some dehydrated food recipes! And road trips, domestic flights, and lots of other trips will also benefit from having portable dried food.

8. Versatile Dehydrator Recipes

There are loads of different dehydrator recipes you can try. The most well known is beef jerky, and food dehydrators are well known for being the most efficient form of a jerky maker.

But you can also use your food dehydrator to make potpourri, herbal teas or dried herbs. You can even make a beautiful doggy mix. Your puppy will be so happy!

9. Vegan Friendly

Since dehydrators are best known for being fruit drier machines, they are marvellous to support plant-based diets. Especially when there are so many vegan dehydrator recipes available on the interwebs.

10. Great for Emergencies

I'm sure we're not the only family to have a stock of food just in case a natural disaster comes along. Freshwater and canned food are the most noticeable additions to your emergency pantry. But dehydrated foods are also worthy additions to emergency food stocks, especially when they can last a couple of years under the right conditions.

Best food dehydrator Australia Sedona

The Best Food Dehydrator in Australia

Now that you know the benefits of dehydrating your food, maybe it's time to look for a quality food dehydrator/fruit dehydrator/jerky dehydrator. Just Juicers store stocks top of the range Sedona dehydrators, and the more budget-friendly BioChef Dehydrator range. Now you have ten good reasons to shop for your perfect food dehydrator!

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